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Danilo & Barbara

The added value

of hotel Ostuni

The Hotel Ostuni was founded back in 1960 (?). In 1990, Giuseppe Berardi, father of Danilo, buys the Hotel and together with the family he begins its management.
In 2002 Danilo married Barbara and from that moment the couple became the real added value of the Hotel Ostuni.

The Berardi family

The sign of hospitality

The family management has characterized the life of the Hotel Ostuni since the beginning, 1990.
Honor to those who gave the go and made this adventure possible in the name of hospitality : Quinta and Giuseppe and Terza and Renato.
The first parents, and the second couple, Danilo’s grandparents.

In 2002 Danilo married Barbara and the two, in addition to sharing private life, still collaborate today in the professional life and management of the Hotel Ostuni.
Fifth and Joseph with a role a little ‘more marginal than the beginning, they are still here with us to greet our most loyal customers and to welcome the new!

Danilo Berardi

His kingdom is the kitchen

Owner of the Hotel Ostuni, who began to manage together with his father and mother in 1990, Danilo Berardi dedicates himself with enthusiasm and passion to the kitchen.

The breakfasts, lunches and dinners, designed to satisfy the most varied needs of children, adults and business customers, are flour of his bag!

His commitment to the hotel starts early in the morning, when Father Giuseppe brings to the kitchen the cost of the day, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit of the territory. All fresh, as regards the fish based on the catch of the day, and at Km Zero!

From there on, Danilo’s day flies … to the stove!

Work aside, Danilo as a good Romagnolo, has a great passion for engines!

Barbara Turci

With Smiles In Every Situation

Sociable, kind, able to solve the most varied situations, Barbara Turci arrives at the Hotel Ostuni in 2002, the year in which she marries Danilo.

Barbara manages reservations, takes care of the reception service and follows all the check-in and check-out phases. A role that fits perfectly! When for family reasons it must reduce its commitment to the hotel, the customers feel its absence.

“I swear this year it will not happen, I’m ready to welcome new and old customers!”

In addition to devoting herself to her two daughters, 11-year-old Vanessa and 13-year-old Linda, during the winter months Barbara’s commitment and attentions are aimed at improving the quality of the hotel’s services.

“I am working to offer more perspectives to the client in order to make the holiday complete with events related to events, also cultural, and excursions in our wonderful hinterland, not only for families, but also for couples, young people and groups “.

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