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E-Bike excursions offers

Romagna by bicycle can be a real discovery. We are near to the sea, beaches, amusement parks, clubs. But Rimini and above all its hinterland have a lot to offer.

For this reason we have thought of real e-bike excursions, bicycles suitable for everyone, which allow you to reach territories of great history, culture, and taste.

It is not necessary to be a professional cyclist or to have a particular training. The beauty of e-bikes is precisely that of being able to take you anywhere and effortlessly, and to make you live an extraordinary experience riding 100% green on two wheels.

We have prepared excursions for you to discover our territory, where you can ride between ancient squares, historic centers and nature looking at the panorama from a totally different point of view: riding your bicycle!

Choose the excursion you like most and ask our staff for information!

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